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Jaw implant

There are several types of implant which come in different shapes and sizes and they are used to change the shape of the jawline. Mandibular angle implants for example can be used to define the angle of the jaw and make the jawline stronger.The implant is fitted against the bone and is fixed into position with small titanium screws which prevent the implant from moving.

This can be a helpful technique for the male wishing to have a stronger jawline. They are inserted though incisions inside the mouth and leave no visible scar on the outside skin.

An alternative to "off the shelf implants" are customised implants. These can be the best choice when the contour of your facial skeleton is complex , for example if you have a facial assymetry caused by an irregular contour of the bone as with developmental facial deformity or following an accident. A three dimensional image is made from a CT scan of your face and the implant is designed on the 3D model so that it fits the shape of your facial skeleton perfectly. This enables the surgeon to sculpture the shape of your face.