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Rhinoplasty surgery aims to enhance the appearance of the nose. The commonest reason for this surgery is to make the nose smaller. The operation is done usually under general anaesthetic and often requires an overnight stay. There are two main techniques :

Open Rhinoplasty

 - refers to the technique of performing a rhinoplasty by using a small incision under the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty

- refers to a rhinoplasty which is done entirely from within the nose without any skin incisions.‚Äč

The choice of technique depends on the complexity of the operation.The operation can take an hour or so to perform and often you will need one night in hospital

The splint should be removed seven days following your surgery and can be done at the hospital clinic or by your GP Clinic. It is quite painless and not necessary to have any anaesthesia for this procedure which takes a couple of minutes.

Following your rhinoplasty your nose will be a little swollen for a week or so but it is usual to go back to work after a week to ten days.

Before and after images of an open rhinoplasty


Before and after images of a closed rhinoplasty



From KA of South Wales: 
“ I was very nervous for my consultation but Mr Musgrove made me feel at ease. His knowledge and manner was reassuring and the reason I chose him as my surgeon”.

“I had first class care at Spire Regency Hospital in Cheshire and follow up/after care all  went very well, so I now feel far more confident about my appearance & swelling has almost gone so I can see the results which I am very happy with”.