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Revision rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon for a patient to seek advice about a rhinoplasty they have had done by another surgeon sometime in the past.

If there has been an unsatisfactory outcome following a rhinoplasty then the result can be revised at a second operation. The revision operation is usually more difficult than the first operation because of scarring of the healing nose following the original operation. Sometimes it is necessary to use a graft to repair the damage but the recovery time is the same; one week. It is usual to wait a year following the first operation to allow post-operative swelling to subside and scar tissue resulting from the first operation to soften.

Revision rhinoplasty is often performed using the open rhinoplasty technique which enables an examination of the internal anatomy of the nose and makes it easier to carry out remedial surgery, often using cartilage grafts from the septum or the ear to reconstruct normal anatomy.








Revision rhinoplasty of a nose which had been overdone with too much cartilage and bone removal resulting in a saddle nose and asymmetry.

Cartilage taken from the ear was used to reconstruct the nose and restore symmetry