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Nose Surgery

There are many different types of nose operations. They are done mainly for two reasons : 

1. To improve appearance

2. To improve breathing.

Often the appearance and breathing difficulties are related particularly if the nose is crooked. However many people suffer from a medical condition called rhinitis when the lining inside the nose is swollen and blocking the nose. Acute rhinitis occurs when you have a cold or hay fever and is temporary but chronic rhinitis can cause a permanently blocked nose. The treatment for the latter condition is medical and often includes the use of a nasal spray. Rhinitis can not be cured with an operation. You need to see your GP for advice.

The most suitable operation to  improve appearance will depend on the cause of the nasal deformity. The operations can be divided  into : Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty, Rhinotip and Complex Rhinoplasty.