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Fat transfer

Contouring the face with Fat Transfer:

Fat transfer or Fat Grafting has gained popularity in the last ten years as a method of rejuvenating the face. Because fat is lost from the subcutaneous or fat layer under the skin with advancing age and because face ligaments stretch and the face sags fat grafting to replace and enhance the natural contours of the skin has become a valuable tool as a stand alone technique or as an adjunctive procedure to supplement a facelift or eyelid surgery. It has the advantage of being the patients own tissue, of providing an adequate volume of fat to fill any facial defect and most importantly it causes few complications compared to many synthetic fillers in common usage in cosmetic clinics.

Modern techniques such as the Coleman Fat Grafting Technique, pioneered in America by Dr Coleman can be done as a day-case and even under local anaethetic. Although there is some absorption of the graft over time advocates of this technique claim that the majority of the graft does survive long-term and it is always easy to have it topped up.