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Cheek implants

There are a number of indications for inserting cheek implants.

To highlight the cheek in someone who may want more prominent highlighted cheekbones. They can be inserted through the mouth, usually under a general anaesthetic as a day-case. The operation takes about an hour and a half. They can be inserted at the same time as a facelift.

If an individual has very hollow mid face because the upper jaw and face is set back making the face concave then a facial implant can help to give more contour to the cheeks

If the eyes are rather prominent because the rim of the eye socket is shallow then an implant can be used  to recontour this part of the facial skeleton and make the eyes less prominent.

Facial implants are made from a number of materials, such as silicone and expanded plastics. They are very safe but must be fixed to the underlying bone usually with tiny titanium screws, to prevent movement and absorption of the underlying bone.

Facial implants are supplied in different sizes and shapes but can also be custom made using a 3-D model of the facial skeleton.