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The eyes are the focal point for the face and blepharoplasty is not surprisingly one of the most common cosmetic operations performed.

As we age  we get older the skin around the eyes starts to thin and become wrinkled as its natural elasticity is lost. Bags and dark circles can form under the eyes.

Patients usually are concerned that their eyes are looking tired. There are several treatments available for treating tired looking eyes.

With age the lower eyelid appears to become longer as the soft tissues of the cheek  beneath the eye descends with the affects of gravity.  

The eyelid develops unattractive bags. Lower blepharoplasty eyelid surgery  is designed to restore the smooth transition from the eye into the curvature of the cheek.Surgery for eyelid bags has changed in recent years and become more conservative because surgeons now recognise that to remove too much fat in an attempt to eliminate eyelid bags can make the eyes look hollow and older. Modern techniques try to conserve fat and reposition it to fill the hollows under the eyes often referred to as tear troughs.


Malar bags

Malar bags are crescents of skin that appear under the eyes on the cheek.

They are caused by laxity of ligaments on the cheek which support the structures the structures which make up the lower eyelid including the eyelid muscle and fat.

They are considered difficult to eliminate but hey can be managed by tightening the muscle sometimes together with a facelift.