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Pinnaplasty or Otoplasty

Both of these names are medical terms used for pinning the ears back. The operation is a very commonly performed in childhood but quite a few adults who missed the opportunity when they were younger can still feel self-conscious of their prominent or asymmetric ears .

Fortunately the operation is a relatively minor procedure which can be performed under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic as a day-case. It takes about an hour to perform and then you should be ready to go home an hour or so after the operation.

The reason that ears look prominent or one sticks out more than the other is because the cartilage of the ear has not developed as it should. The operation consists of making an incision behind the ear and changing the shape of the cartilage. A dissolvable stitch is then used to close the incision which is designed to lie in the fold behind the ear where it will be hidden. It is necessary to wear a bandage over the ears for five to seven days and usually people take a week off work until the dressing is removed.