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Conventional Brow Lift

Conventional browlift

This is done by making an incision across the top of the scalp and releasing the scalp ligaments to allow the scalp to be pulled backwards. Any overlapping skin is removed and the scalp repaired. This is a very effective technique but not surprisingly has never gained great popularity.

If the initial incision is placed within the hairline ( a coronal incision) then any scar will be hidden by the hair. However there is a risk that the hairline will move up increasing the height of the brow. If the incision is placed at the edge of the hairline then the hairline will not rise. In fact this incision (pretrichial incision) can be used to allow the hairline to be lowered.

It is still used as a technique in some individuals especially if some reshaping of the bone is required but otherwise it has been superseded by the Endoscopic Browlift.


From KA of South Wales: 
“ I was very nervous for my consultation but Mr Musgrove made me feel at ease. His knowledge and manner was reassuring and the reason I chose him as my surgeon”.
“I had first class care at Spire Regency Hospital in Cheshire and follow up/after care all  went very well, so I now feel far more confident about my appearance & swelling has almost gone so I can see the results which I am very happy with”.