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Individuals seeking advice about facelift surgery often expect that a standard facelift will also lift the upper part of the face, the brow. They may assume that the eyebrow will be lifted but a different operation is needed to do this. It is called a browlift. 

Others might think that an upper eyelid operation (blepharoplasty) will eradicate hooding of the upper eyelids but this is not always the case.

The brow including the eyebrow sags with age and can contribute to hooding of the upper eyelids, making the eyes look tired.

In youth the position of the brow should lie above the rim of the eye socket. The eyebrow tends to be slightly lower in the male compared to the female.

There are several ways that a surgeon might perform a browlift.. The three main techniques are :

Conventional browlift

Endoscopic browlift

Transblepharoplasty browlift