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I was very nervous for my consultation but Mr Musgrove made me feel at ease. His knowledge and manner was reassuring and the reason I chose him as my surgeon.

I had first class care at Spire Regency Hospital in Cheshire and follow up/after care all went very well, so I now feel far more confident about my appearance & swelling has almost gone so I can see the results which I am very happy with.

- KA, South Wales

“Amazing”. It’s been almost twelve months now after surgery and I’m really happy with the results. I had a tracheal shave as my Adam’s apple was pretty prominent and as a male to female transsexual it was effecting my confidence. The operation its self was pretty straight forward and no complications, all done on the same day. The swelling after the operation looked pretty bad but in fairness with an ice pack it went down pretty quickly. Just looked a little unsightly for a while with the stitches but no problems otherwise. Although £2500 is a lot of money, in the this case it was well worth it and I’d definitely recommend Mr Musgrove to anyone considering this surgery for themselves. The clinic I went to was Spire chain in the UK for reconstructive surgery. The one I had the operation at was in Macclesfield and it was amazing. The staff were extremely polite and courteous and the hospital was immaculate.

- Alicia - Trach Shave

Had the new procedure earfold where they insert a tiny peice of metal covered in gold into the ear cartridge to change the shape of the ear by folding it back nearer the head, had it done one week ago already my ears look fantastic,small and close to my head still have the tiny stitches but these should fall out in about a weeks time was so worried about having the procedure done didn't want to look like the ears were deformed as you see with a lot of ear pinning, had my consultation in Manchester England with a mr brian musgrove a really experienced plastic surgeon when he was fitting the trial ones I told him I wanted them as far back as possible without looking like Spock from star treck, it's hard to see properly with the trial ones that the stick on with sticky tape but got a idea how they would look, decided to book the appointment for the 19th when I had leave from work and was going to be off for few weeks, you can go back to work the next day but I didn't want anyone seeing my swollen ears, different for women who can cover there's with there hair, the operation took about 35min from start to Finnish no worse than going to dentist after the numbing injection couldn't feel a thing, was very sore that night in bed but still manageable pain and the inner ear was bruised and swollen for about 5 days now on day 7 no pain swollen almost gone and still tiny amount of bruising tiny stitches should fall out next week, I had 4 implants fitted 2 in each ear you really can't see them in the ear I know the cost is a lot £3710 but to finally get lovely little small ears it was worth every penny, all I've ever wanted was to be able to look in the mirror and not see to big wing mirrors on the side of my head sticking out, can't wait till the stitches fall out to finally get a nice stylish haircut that's short at the sides, anyone thinking of having your ears pinned back look at earfold it could change your life it's changing mine, 43 year old male from Manchester

- Jimmy, Manchester - Earfold Ear Pinning

I would like to thank Eileen (Mr Musgrove’s personal assistant) for all her help, before and after surgery as she answered all my questions and helped me feel more confident.

- Marie, aged 31, Manchester - Rhinoplasty & Pinnaplasty

The appearance of my eyes is much improved and its only 3 weeks after surgery!

- Pat, aged 67, Cheshire - Eyelid surgery

It was first class service all the way, nurses and Mr Musgrove were very caring and attentive.

- Margaret, aged 62, Manchester - Facelift, Brow lift and Lower eyelid surgery

Eileen was really helpful. Everything was clear and straightforward. Hospital care was great (Spire Regency in Macclesfield). My surgery has changed my life. I am really thankful to Mr Musgrove and I would definitely recommend him. His consultations were thorough with great information and I had no hesitation in booking my surgery. I am really pleased with my result.

- Faye, aged 21, London - Facial Feminising surgery

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Musgrove. He is very factual, does not give you the “hard sell” and totally understood my needs and he does not make false promises.

- Susan, aged 61 - Facelift and Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery

I received plenty of information to help me make an informed decision I was happy with my stay in the hospital and the care was excellent. The result is life changing and I am delighted with the outcome.

Eileen was and still is very supportive and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Musgrove to anyone. He is a real gentleman and I am privileged to have been under his care.

- Anon - Facelift with Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

The quality of care I received was brilliant! I am more than happy with the result and although I had discomfort and pain for a short time, this was dealt with by using pain relief and I could not have had a better surgeon than Mr Musgrove.

(This patient went on to have rhinoplasty surgery)

- Karen, Lancashire - Facelift and CO2 laser skin resurfacing

An excellent new nose! Worthy of a place on a Michaelangelo! Many thanks.

- Graham, Cheshire - Rhinoplasty

Thank you so much for my beautiful nose and for putting up with my nerves beforehand!!

- Mandy, Manchester - Rhinoplasty

I was given excellent instructions as to the process of consultation, booking surgery, after care etc and was very happy with my stay at the hospital as all the staff were caring and helpful and I felt quite at home! The result is great and I am more than pleased with my smoother skin, making me look way younger than my 79 years!!! I am left with no doubts that my decision to have the surgery with Mr Musgrove was the best decision I have made in years!

- Margaret, Lancashire - Facelift

Mr Musgrove’s secretary sent very clear instructions and information, his consultation was very relaxed but thorough and explanatory. The hospital stay and care was good and after care was excellent. Before surgery, I would never have my photo taken and now I am right there at the front everytime and have even signed up with a modelling agency! Anyone thinking of this type of surgery can be assured that they are in the hands of an expert, a professional. His work is only bettered by the efficient, sympathetic and caring service given by his P.A. The experience was very rewarding, nothing was too much trouble, no matter how small and I highly recommend Mr Musgrove and his P.A, Eileen.

- Sally, Wirral - Brow, nose and jaw surgery

The professionalism and help given initially by Eileen was exceptional and then my consultation was very clear with all details explained in full. I wanted a particular timeframe for the surgery and Eileen negotiated the date for me with the hospital I chose. The theatre staff were great and had a fantastic sense of humour and put me at ease! I couldn’t have wished for better after care especially as I had a minor complication 10 days after surgery. The duty of care shown by Eileen and Mr Musgrove was excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Musgrove to anyone contemplating facial surgery and cannot express my thanks enough to all of you and the hospital staff who looked after me.

- Alison, Devon - Brow, jaw and nose surgery

Mr Musgrove is at the very top of his field! I am absolutely thrilled with the results and after a few weeks there are barely any visible signs of having had surgery. Many thanks.

- Carol, Cheshire - Facelift, Brow lift, Upper and Lower eyelid surgery

I was very happy with the information received, the consultation and hospital stay and after care. Prior to this facelift I had terrible scarring from a previous facelift done elsewhere, but Mr Musgrove removed all trace of the old scars and has given me my confidence back, lifted all the worry and stress and I just cannot thank him enough.

- Elaine, Liverpool - Facelift

All settling down nicely although inside of nostrils still slightly hard but improving.
FABULOUS JOB - I can't believe the difference it has made to my face. Excellent care-nursing staff were with me almost all night.

Many thanks

P.S. Will be back for face lift etc

- Yvonne, Lancashire - Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty
I particularly liked that Mr Musgrove’s PA, Eileen took time to explain what could possibly be done and gave me a ball park estimate of costs upfront. This initial contact was 6 months before my surgery and was useful as it framed my expectations and was the first time I was able to understand likely costs. As options for this type of surgery are not widely available, research is very necessary to locate a suitable surgeon. Mr Musgrove was very thorough, and ensured that my specialist was aware of the surgery plan, requested X- rays of my face to assist in planning the surgical options and finalising which procedures I had at a second consultation.

The nursing care was arranged closer to home as I live some distance from the hospital and the liaison between my nurse and Mr Musgrove reassured me. As for results, I understood they would not be miraculous but the outcome is clear, subtle and very much what I hoped for and wanted. I also understand that some very minor concerns will take time to settle and this was explained very well at my review appointments.

Communication at all stages was very good, questions were answered promptly either by telephone, or e-mail. - Beck - Facial Feminising Surgery – brow recontour, rhinoplasty and lip lift.

Brow recontour, Jaw recontour and rhinoplasty (1st operation)
Facelift with Liposuction.(2nd operation)

I was happy with the information given when I made my initial enquiry and had sufficient information to make an informed decision. I am very happy with the outcome of the surgery, in fact the results are fantastic and the reactions I get from different people already (two months post- operatively) are unbelievable. I still have some swelling which will go gradually.

Many thanks to Eileen, you have been fantastic! And many thanks to Mr Musgrove for helping me shine that little bit more!

- Kate, South East England - Facial Feminising Surgery

“Information was clear and concise, the quotation was satisfactory and all correspondence was clear and helpful. I was only a day case patient but all the staff could not have been nicer, they were caring and helpful.

My follow up care was great and Mr Musgrove was very kind and caring”.

- Skin lesion removal testimonial
I am very happy and everyone from the initial phone enquiry with Eileen to the final appointment with Mr Musgrove were always very friendly and I am so glad I make the decision that I did. My self-confidence is higher because of the successful outcome. Thank you. - Rachel - Facial feminising surgery
The aftercare was good, the follow up appointments were also good and thorough. I am very pleased with the result. Mr Musgrove was gentle, honest, making sure I had realistic expectations, and has provided me with such a natural looking result that my friends and family can't work out what is different! My breathing has improved also with the re-balance of the septum. I would definitely recommend Mr Musgrove for a septorhinoplasty. - Jenny - Septorhinoplasty

“I know you probably hear this all the time but you really have changed my life. It took me a long time to come to the decision and I know that when I met Mr Musgrove I had made the right choice. I feel so much more confident and I am so pleased. I will be pushing to the front now for photos.

Mr Musgrove is a miracle worker! “


- Rhinoplasty testimonial